Pipeline Integrity Management suite - used on thousands of Km of subsea pipeline worldwide

Pipeline Integrity Management System

Xtreme – Pipeline Data Reporting

Do you need to deal with large volumes of subsea inspection data?

Do you need to view high volumes of data in different formats?

Xtreme allows you to view your subsea pipeline data in multiple ways.

Events can be viewed as a text listing or using the linear bar display. Transverse profiles can be viewed using the cross profile screen or long profile screen. Anomalies can be configured based on transverse profile data.

Anomalies can be shown as a listing as well as on the cross and long profile windows.

The XYplot display allows plotting of events, transverse profile, line files and navigation data.

Xtreme also allows up to 3 videos to be viewed simultaneously with synchronisation.

Xtreme is used on some of the largest subsea pipeline systems in the world – it’s easy to deploy and simple to use.